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kaimei is the best and so is jjinomu my dad ☆

mayday | 20 | ♏ | college student

VY2 Yuuma by Ami-Magane Kaito by Ami-Magane

i do not take requests or commissions ☆

webcam ☆


SO.. Since I already have some of these ready.... Gonna do a YYB x PD pack for 2222 watchers. Because I can't pass up on that numerical alliteration 

142 deviants said Full Vocaloid set (1 set of modules, containing each character. ect. Senbonzakura, Underhanded Urotander, or Yukata set. Possibly Bathing suit set. I'm.. Honestly not sure what set I'm even going to do for this)
55 deviants said Kaito Pack (6 Modules, Will include General + Drizzle)
49 deviants said Len/Rin Pack (8 Modules, mostly pairs, will include receiver and transmitter )
38 deviants said Miku pack (6 modules, will include Ai Dee Miku)
37 deviants said Luka Pack (6 Modules, will include Ruby + Ai Dee)
33 deviants said Len Pack (6 modules, Mostly Solo Designs, Will include Trickster)
21 deviants said Meiko Pack (6 modules, will include Blue Crystal)
8 deviants said Rin Pack (6 Modules Mostly solo designs, will include Reactor)


So big shout out to everyone who did things for jjinomu???? I wasn't able to get online yesterday and holy shit i've come back to 41 comments on that journal and 54 mentions and That's not even counting all the stuff you guys sent to jjinomu directly???
Like holy shit guys.... Thank you so much... I can't even express how grateful I am that you all rallied to her aid like this. 
I'm still gathering everything up, so please give me a little time to get to everything!! <3
So I'm not back yet
I haven't even replied to anything i'm a terrible person i'm sorry orz
But here's this thing i started for the Zola anniversary that i'll probably never finish
PmxEditor 2017-06-20 21-57-10 by maydayfireball
kbye thx for always putting up with my shit everyone

h E Y SO
I know i'm never active like.. anywhere
(Sorry about that)
But?? If you wanna hang out and talk about mmd shit
There's this?? Discord server I'm a part of??
Feel free to join !! ;3c
So there's been a small change of plans? I know originally I said I was going to make a PDxYYB model pack for 2222 watchers, but.. I've decided on something else. It will still be a model set with the crypton babies, but it'll be unrelated to project diva. If i finish it before I reach 2222 watchers, I might release a small pack of Len, Rin, and Kaito models since those three ruled the poll for the majority of the time. 
Also, I'll only be posting wips of this secret set on my tumblr.. ;3c
as I have briefly mentioned to only a handful of people, I would like to release Marth on the 20th.. 
But I'll be honest, his cape and armor are giving me a lot of trouble. 
The armor looks alright now, but the cape is still.... disgusting?
Metaseq 2017-04-15 09-00-57 by maydayfireball(armor without cape bc bleh)
But would you guys be too upset if I released him without armor at first? And I can go back and add his armor and cape later, once I'm more comfortable in Meta.
I mean, I might release him just without armor anyway, but if you guys are fully against that, I'll just save him completely for another time.


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